Having a place where you can interact with others, exchange opinions, and share new ideas can significantly increase your chances to overcome anxiety. Plus, it helps you realize you’re not the only one fighting to keep anxiety in check.

And that’s why we’ve decided to set up an anxiety support group on Facebook, where every CAMP member can receive emotional support and professional advice, all in a safe and friendly space.

What Makes This Anxiety Support Group So Special?

  1. It is a closed group where only members approved by us can participate, so you won’t have to worry about trolls or ‘toxic’ individuals. We strongly believe in the therapeutic value of a safe and supportive environment.
  2. We have licensed mental health professionals ready to answer your questions and mitigate conflicts that may arise between members.
  3. Only people who’ve purchased the CAMP program have access to our anxiety support group, so you can be quite sure everyone there is motivated and eager to make positive changes and learn to keep anxiety in check.

How do I become a member?


Once you become a CAMP member, we will e-mail you an invitation to our anxiety support group.

As long as you follow the community rules, you can enjoy the wonderful benefits of being part of a support group where you can share experiences and receive useful advice from healthcare professionals.

Purchase the CAMP program and give yourself a real shot at managing anxiety.

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