Mental Health Disclaimer

We are a professional company that aims at providing professional and top-quality mental health services.

Our mental-health services are provided only by qualified and licensed psychologists and psychotherapists.

Despite this, and as with all other health-providing services, results are not %100 guaranteed and we do not claim to have the ultimate solutions to your problems.

Please, if in doubt (and even if not), we recommend that you consult with multiple health and mental health sources to gain the best results for your well-being.

Do NOT rely solely on this website for all your mental-health inquiries.

This website is best used as a supplementary means to your main mental health treatment.

If you are in extreme pain or have any suicidal thoughts, we urge you to contact the nearest crisis center for immediate response.

You can find crisis centers here and suicide hotlines here.

In all cases, our main goal here is to get you well and happy as quickly as possible, no matter the means.

Please, treat your mental health seriously and act upon it quickly and with utmost responsibility.

The best way to treat or deal with mental health is to seek professional help and qualified mental-health providers.

We suggest you consult with our privacy policy and legal notice for more information on the proper use of this website.

Stay healthy and well!


– The PsycheGuide team.


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