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This mental-health questionnaire is designed to gather specific, relevant information about your mental health, which will give us a better insight into your mental health, where you’re standing right now, and how are you faring with life so far.

Answer it as frankly as possible, and our main licensed psychologist will carefully examine it and get back to you with her own ideas and comments in order to set you up on the right track.


Who will handle the information I submit here?

All the information you fill inside the form below will go directly to a qualified, licensed psychologist/psychotherapist.

He/she will then examine your information, and give you a reply based on his/her own considerations.

The reply that you will get is professional and top quality, and is 100% personalized to your input (NO auto replying).

Either way, it is considered good practice to consult other mental health experts (professionals) about any problem you might be having and then decide for yourself what’s better for you.

Remember – our main goal is to get you healthy, happy, and positive in a regular way! 

Will you share my information with anyone outside of PsycheGuide?

Absolutely not.

Your information will be visible only to the most relevant personnel here at PsycheGuide in order to provide you with top-notch professional advice.

We will not share any of your private data with any third party entities for any reason whatsoever without your permission.

When should I expect a reply to the questionnaire?

We’ll do our best to reply within 24 hours, but depending on the day in the week, holidays, and other different factors, the reply could take up to 48 – 72 hours.

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One Last Step!

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