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Do you suffer any of the following physical and emotional symptoms: Headaches, dizziness, pounding heart, difficulty breathing, restlessness, worry-filled thoughts, or panic?
Do you tend to overanalyze and just can’t seem to “get out of your head”?
Are you tired of being deprived of sleep and appetite because of the dread of anxiety?
Do you want to eliminate the paralyzing fear of people so you can establish normal social relationships and also, start looking appealing to the opposite sex without coming off as weak or awkward?
Do you want to find a solution for the looming loneliness over your life?
Do you suffer from unexpected, terrorizing panic attacks that feel like a life-ending threat, ALL the time?

The Damages of Anxiety

Anxiety, panic attacks, depression, all can have some destructive consequences in your life. You confine yourself to your own home, scared and irritated of the idea of leaving home, meeting people, going places, even the idea of taking out the garbage seems like mission impossible.

The day, although sunny and bright, looks stark and bleak to you, and there’s an endless string of thoughts, stirring in your mind, filling you with more anxiety and bringing you down to the dumps, day after day. What should you do? You need to get out, you MUST go out, visit your family, buy groceries, find a real job, the world is OUT there, and not IN there.

You know this deep within you. It’s not like you’re ignorant of it, misinformed, or simply lazy, that’s far away from being the case. Deep inside, you’re probably a very intelligent, hard working person. You HATE loneliness, you’d love to make new friends, meet a loving partner and have a meaningful life.

But there’s only one, “fixable” problem. Anxiety. Anxiety plays tricks on your mind. It reprograms your mind in a way that makes you worried and frightened about everything, and everywhere, even inside your most secured safe haven – Home.

When it soars beyond a certain level, it can transform into the uncontrollable monster called a panic attack where you feel like your entire world is about to collapse in front of your eyes. But the KEY word here is “tricks”.

Once you realize that this is all but mind tricks and find a way to re-reprogram your mind to the “default”, normal state, where anxiety kicks in only when it’s supposed to – as an alarm in tangible dangerous situations – and panic attacks becomes a thing of the past. In a sense, you could say that’s what I’ve done to get rid of my anxiety problem.

Through science, lots of digging and probing in psychology anxiety-related archives, and of course, capitalizing on the stuff that really worked best for me.

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My struggle with anxiety

Hello! My name is Alexander Draghici, a Psychologist and licensed therapist, and this is my story and 8-years struggle with anxiety:

I want you to know that, before I became the therapist that I am today, helping countless others deal with and overcome their mental health issues, specifically anxiety and panic attacks, I was a shy and meek little kid. You could say, I always played-it-safe, never really dared to stretch myself to the limits, and I also struggled with weight issues coupled with a negative body image. I could almost hear voices in my head whispering me things like: “You can’t do it”, “You’re lame!”, “Give up boy”, etc. And the saddest part about this all? I was always searching for proof to CONFIRM these discouraging thoughts. I lost a lot because of my anxiety.

I couldn’t introduce myself to my crush from school (eventually, someone else did and stole her from me). I lost the opportunity to meet new amazing people because I simply was afraid of socializing and kept myself home most of the times. I lost hundreds of hours ruminating about the past, the future, my flaws, my shortcomings, and mistakes I could’ve avoided “ONLY IF” …

Needless to say, anxiety was ruining my life and there’s nothing I could do. Up until that pivotal moment when I talked with a close friend of mine who convinced me to invest in a one-month gym membership and become more physically active.

Once I experienced the amazing, positive results of physical activity off of that one-month, I immediately extended my subscription to an entire year and boy that opened up a whole new chapter in my life. Losing weight helped me gain self-confidence, and it got me thinking: “If I managed to go from being a couch potato to hitting the gym 4-5 times a week, what else I can do to gain the upper hand over my anxiety and mental health?”.

I became a psychology student. Which in turn granted me access to many scientific papers, research, statistics and what not about anxiety and ways to manage it and deal with it. I became an anxiety “junkie”. Experimenting and trying all kinds of approaches and techniques, and sticking to the ones that worked best for me. Today, after almost a decade of suffering from anxiety, low self-esteem, and relentless, agonizing thoughts, I’m happy to have finally reached a state in which I AM the one in control of my life and thoughts, I AM the master of my past and future, and I AM the main decision maker, NOT anxiety and fear.


After finishing my university studies and acquiring 2 degrees in Psychology, I began my career as a Psychologist and CBT therapist helping people deal with their mental health problems. But, as fulfilling as that can be, being able to reach out to people with complex mental health issues when I WAS IN THE SAME SPOT, less than a decade ago, I just knew I needed to do more, reach a lot more people, and make my message of hope and health global and accessible by almost everyone. And that’s when it hit me.

I said to myself: “What if I could make an all-inclusive program, containing every trick and technique I learned about dealing with anxiety, gave it unlimited access, and supported it for LIFE?” And that’s how the idea of CAMP, a Complete Anxiety Management Program, came to be.



CAMP (Complete Anxiety Management Program) is a science-based, evidence-based mega program with one ultimate, noble end-goal: Ending unwanted anxiety and all its life-breaking effects. CAMP is designed to be a 1-stop-shop for everything anxiety. Meaning, once you’re inside, we guarantee you will not need to look anywhere else for anything related to anxiety and panic attacks. This will save you lots of time and hassle finding vital information to your life and mental health, and atop of that, you’ll be getting it all from a verified, credible source.

CAMP is programmed and orchestrated, with love and empathy, by an experienced and fully licensed psychologist from Romania called Alexander Draghici, who himself also struggled with anxiety in the past for well over 8 years. We’re offering this new, powerful program to you with the following ironclad guarantee: Eliminating your anxiety and panic attacks problem, naturally, in THREE months or less, or your full money back.

It’s really a no-branier for anyone routinely suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. Here’s a list of everything included in this amazing program:

10+ scientifically-researched modules focused on “exploring”, “managing”, and “preventing” anxiety and panic attacks.
Videos, “Ebooks”, and workbooks included in every single module for maximum learning effectiveness.
A private, exclusive Facebook support group for all CAMP members.
Weekly LIVE webinars with Alexander Draghici that each discusses a different anxiety problem and tackles real-people issues.
Includes some incredible and time-tested techniques such as: CBT, Positive Psychology, REBT, ACT, Mindfulness and a lot more.
Easy and intuitive. The modules are all coherently arranged for streamlined access.
ONE-TIME payment for LIFETIME access. No extra or hidden costs along the way, including all future updates and additions to the program.
Comes with 100% money-back guarantee policy for up to 3 months of the purchasing date.

Is this for me?

CAMP, like everything else, isn’t suited for everyone.

Some people respond best to medication even if given the most powerful anxiety therapy ever. For those, we afraid our program can’t be much of a help except if treated as a supplementary solution. But for all the rest, we think that CAMP is THE ultimate solution, and here’s why:

CAMP is all online. Meaning, you don’t need to leave your house (or even your room actually), which we know many of you dislike. It’ll also save you the time and HASSLE of traveling and getting stuck in traffic.
CAMP is the ONLY program that’s offering unlimited access to a premium mental health program with all future updates, full group support, weekly webinars, and more under ONE-TIME, single payment.
CAMP is the ONLY program that is truly, all-inclusive. We crammed all the anxiety-related scientific research, latest studies, and experience that Alex had in one place, then whittled down at them until we had only the best, most-effective, proven strategies for dealing with anxiety and panic attacks inside the CAMP program.
CAMP is one of the few anxiety programs that is created by a real, renowned, licensed Psychologist AND former anxiety sufferer, simultaneously.
CAMP is one of the few anxiety programs that includes scientifically-approved, scrutinized techniques.
CAMP is the ONLY program that’s offering all of the above for a LIFETIME access, under ONE-TIME entry price.
You DON’T qualify for this program if you:
Are looking for an overnight solution for your anxiety.
Are looking for solutions outside of what has been accepted and proven by the scientific community, like a more holistic approach to anxiety.
Aren’t ready to spend an hour or less a day, 3-4 days a week, for a couple of months to crush your anxiety and vanish your panic attacks.

Price + Money-Back Policy

We’re offering our beloved CAMP to you for less than a rudimentary college course: $397.

And that includes EVERYTHING inside the CAMP, for life. All the modules, future updates, bonuses, support, with no hidden upsells or extra payments whatsoever. People spend that amount of money to teach their kids soccer or how to swim for the summer. Wouldn’t you invest it in your health to avoid a lifelong of loneliness, depression, and fear? We’ll make it even easier for you…

Get the CAMP now and if until up to 3 MONTHS you don’t see a substantial improvement on your mental health, we’ll give you your full money back, no questions asked. Not only that, but we’ll also help you assess your anxiety and tell you where to go receive the most appropriate treatment for your own, personal condition.

Disconnect your life from anxiety and panic attacks, get CAMP today for only $397 (before we raise the price in case of a sudden influx in subscribers).

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As a friend …

If we didn’t care about your mental health and well-being, we wouldn’t have spent the last couple of years creating CAMP and then offering it up to you for that measly price and THREE-MONTHS money back GUARANTEE. I have personally suffered from loneliness, social withdrawal, thoughts of failure and hopelessness for nearly 8 years, I know how it feels to be in your shoes because I’ve BEEN there myself, felt it, and suffered it.

It’s compared to nothing in terms of how devastating and stunningly vicious life with anxiety and panic attacks can be. Don’t allow it to win, because the solution is really easy and only a few clicks away from here. You don’t need to do anything to get it, no need to see someone, or take any drugs, or travel long distances for it, it is all in one convenient place online, at your own pace, with our professional support – for life.

You can try it for a month, or two, or even three, if it didn’t help you overcome your anxiety and panic attacks problem, then you’ll get your full money back, maybe somebody else have a better solution for you. Our main priority here, always, your mental health and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?

Simple. You can click here to buy your lifetime membership with the program. After you’ve done that, we will Email you your username and password along with all the information you need in order to sign in and efficiently use the program. If for some reason you still need help, you can contact our support center and we’ll walk you through every step of the way.

How do I join the support group?

Our Facebook support group is accessible to you after you buy the CAMP. Once you bought it, we’ll automatically add you to the group and notify you about it.

Can I trust you?

You certainly can. This program is one of the very few anxiety-oriented programs out there that follows stringent rules regarding all of its content. Alexander Draghici is a seasoned licensed Psychologist that doesn’t allow any information or practical techniques into the program without deep and complete research. This is a sensitive issue for us and we’ll NEVER give out information without us being 100% sure about its legitimacy and effectiveness.

How do I join the weekly webinars with Alexander?

After you become a member of CAMP, you will unlock access to the live, weekly webinars by Alexander Draghici which are set to run every Saturday.

Is this program refundable?

Absolutely! We have the most flexible money-back guarantee policy, which shows how confident we are about this incredible, professional program. We offer 3-months money-back guarantee, no questions asked. Simply Email us at with your refund request and we’ll immediately give it to you without any hassle or questions asked.

Contact Us

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